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Technical Collaboration with EU Electric Vehicle Retrofitting Company

Industry: Automotive
Years in Business: 3 years
Country: Germany
Transaction: Technical Collaboratio
Revenue: Not Disclosed
Number of Employees: Not Disclosed

Project Summary

The European Company offers ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) retrofitting technology to battery as power sources and transforms the traditional way of driving. This retrofitting technology transforms existing ICE vehicles into electric vehicles (EVs) without compromising on the crucial safety features or the speed, quality or comfort that people are used to. The company also offers a hybrid model wherein both diesel and electric battery system could be fixed in a car and the user will be able to easily switch between them. 

The Company has carried out a comparative study for Maruti Dzire and Ashok Leyland CH2010 which shows that both vehicles can be environmentally and economically beneficial with EV driven train conversion. The bigger the vehicle gets; the hybrid solution works better. Main reason being the not very high energy density of batteries, especially the favourable LiFePo batteries with high safety.

Note: The detailed comparative analysis is available once we receive your preliminary interest.


The Company is open for a technical collaboration or forming a joint venture with market leader in the automotive industry. Each model would need a prototyping process that can be carried out in the EU and then implemented in India.

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